What Causes Water Pollution?


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There are several causes that lead to water pollution. Water pollution is caused due to two main reasons. First, when harmful waste material is released into the water source directly like a pipe from an industry directly emitting its waste material in to the river or when harmful fertilizers from the fields are carried to the stream due to rain etc. The second reason of water pollution is: when the waste it is indirectly delivered to the water source through the means of transport or due to environmental change. It is very difficult to monitor or stop this kind of water pollution. In most westernized countries, direct emission of waste in water sources in more controlled then in thirds world countries like those in Asia and Africa. Even when you throw plastic bags or other waste in a river or a lake, it is water pollution.
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Some of the main sources of water contamination are industrial discharge from chemical industries, sewage from surrounding areas, pesticides from farming areas, petroleum products, detergents and fertilisers, storage leakage and also soil contamination.

Contamination could also occur due to organic substances such as insecticides, herbicides, bacteria from livestock, pathogens or food processing waste, felled trees and also industrial solvents. Inorganic substances also largely contribute to the contamination of water, which includes heavy metals that causes acid mine drainage, acid let out by the industries, chemical waste, fertilizers like nitrates and phosphates and also silts and debris from construction sites.

Apart from all of these factors, water pollution is also caused due to our daily waste thrown by us directly; this could include garbage and other waste materials that are directly thrown into the sewage. Water pollution can also cause a lot of water borne diseases.
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Water pollution is caused by people dumping harmful and non destructible things like plastic, oil, metals, waste from factories, rubbish and lots more.
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Leakage of oil from the ships.
Chemicals drained into water from factories.
There are many other causes.
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The reason o water pollution are the following;
  1. throwing garb ages in the river and other form of water.
  2. throwing human feces,animal manure,etc..
  3. poor sewage system
  4. stagnant canals and Estero.
  5. poor drainage system
  6. throwing chemicals that is coming from the factory and other industrial areas.
  7. throwing dead bodies of animals and even human bodies.
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People are not caring for the enviorment when they need to pay attention to what exactly they are doing and if it will hurt our planet
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Tons of stuff!!!

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