Can You Describe The System And Organ Level Of Biological Organization?


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Different tissues having related function are organized together in a structure to carry out its function with great efficiency. Such a structure is called organ. Various organs are specialized to perform specific functions, For example, stomach which is an organ has a function of food digestion has a secretory epithelium which secrets the gastric juice, and a muscular tissue for contracting the walls of the stomach and mix the food with the enzymes thoroughly and move the food to the back end.

The formation of organs also has a selective value because this leads to an efficient accomplishment of their functions both qualitatively and quantitatively. In animals organ formation is far more complex and defined, which are part of organ system where total functions involved in one process or phenomenon are carried out.

The organ level of biological organization is much less definite in plants as compared to animals. The roots are involved in anchoring the plant, storage of food and procuring water and minerals. The shoots support the plant while leaves are primary organs for food manufacture. Flowers or other reproductive organs are involved in producing progeny for the next generation.

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