Can You Describe Historical Background Of Organic Chemistry ?


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Organic chemistry is the most important branch of the chemistry. Most of the compound used in daily life like sugar, carbohydrates, cotton, leather rubber, proteins, natural gas, fuels and many more in the list are categorized as organic compounds and are dealt under organic chemistry. This branch of chemistry is not a very old branch of chemistry. In fact till the 18th century, it was thought that these compounds can not be made synthetically and these compounds are only obtained from animals and plants. So no research work was going on in the field of organic chemistry.

This was described in the vital force theory. However, in 1828, a German chemist whose name was Friendrich Wohler accidentally made urea synthetically. In fact, just threw aqueous solution of ammonium cyanate into his sink where due to evaporation, urea was obtained. This was a remarkable achievement and opened the new ways in the field of organic chemistry. From then the organic chemistry has become most important field of chemistry and most of the daily life important compounds are now produced synthetically. In organic chemistry, usually the main element is carbon. Hydrocarbons are also a very important subject in the field of organic chemistry.

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