What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Frictions?


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Advantages of friction
1. It enables us to walk with out slipping. To enhance friction, it is advisable to use shoes with rough sole while walking on slippery floors. For a similar reason, crutches are provided with rubber tips at their bottom to provide sufficient friction.
2. The breakers and tiers of our cars and bicycles depend on friction to function properly.
3. The ridges in the skin of our fingers and palms enable us to grasp and hold objects due to friction.

4. To prevent patients being uncomfortable in bed rubber sheets with spongy under surfaces are placed over mattresses. The friction between the spongy under surfaces and the mattress prevents the rubber sheet from slipping and wrinkling.
5. Nails and screws are held in wood by friction.

Disadvantages of Friction
1. Production of heat, noise and wear in machine parts rubbing against one another.
2. Heat produce by friction may be sufficient to cause the abrasion of the skin, resulting in friction burn. Rubber tubes such as gastric and duodenal tubes, rectal tubes and catheters may burn or irritate the membrane over which they pass unless measure are taken to prevent friction.
3. Friction reduces the efficiency of engine and other machines.
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Friction in many machines ,is undesirable as it represents a waste of useful energy and also heat produced by this force ,may damage the surfaces in contact.Frictions can be extremely useful as in belts drives and brakes.This can avoid accidents.
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Some harmful effects on friction are not just on people's feet, like those blisters all of you have mentioned about, sometimes friction may have negitive effect on other things too. When space shuttles re-enter the atmosphere friction may cause the shuttle to heat up and with out the right protection it may catch on fire and burst into flames. Another disadvantage of friction would be that cars and other vehicles may not be able to go as fast or have as good of efficiency as we would like. Many times friction turns into thermal energy, or heat, thats why when you rub your hands together they warm up.
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- Machines deteriorate over time due to unnecessary friction production during work.
- Wastage of energy due to use of additional fuel.
- movement of things and vehicles become difficult and energy-consuming due to effects of friction
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Harmful friction consists of two surfaces in motion, yet not in harmony with each other or one surface in motion against a fixed surface, which causes a wearing of one or both surfaces. Examples of harmful friction would be an abrasion to the skin from a person sliding on a rug or friction between a foot and a shoe creating heat and a blister in the skin of the foot.
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It cause wound if two particular things rub to each other. Example hands and the stone.
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Friction is caused by the irregularities on the two surface incontact
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advantages we can walk we can light a match stick

disadvantages long drive causes wear and tear to the engine of vehicles

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