What Attitudes And Values Must A Scientist Possess?


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A scientist should have an inquisitive attitude. The idea behind science is to push the boundaries and find out new things about our planet, what is around us and the reasons for particular things happening. They must also possess qualifications that make them eligible to perform the role of a scientist and have experience in their field. They should also have personal values and attitudes, some of these values and attitudes should be;

• Objectivity
A scientist should be objective and be able to remove their thoughts of what is correct or ethically right away from their experiments and studies. This will produce more accurate results as the scientist is much less likely to become emotionally involved in the ethics around a study.

• Passion
Being passionate about science, finding out new things about the way the world and all of its contents work is something that you have to be passionate about to do.

• Patience
To perform a lot of scientific experiments you have to have patience. Some experiments can take years to get results and after this, the scientist may even have to complete them again to prove that the conclusion they have is not an anomaly.

• Academic
Conducting experiments and studies are just one part of a scientist's job. They also have to research similar experiments, the history of what they are studying and also be able to challenge their own results as well as the results of others. This research may take years to complete.

• Attention to detail
To create accurate experiments, a scientist must be able to pay attention to the detail. In chemistry, everything must be calculated correctly and accurately otherwise it could create inaccurate results and therefore ruin an experiment or study.

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