What Are The Scientific Attitude That A Scientist Must Posses?


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A scientist should possess the following:

  • Dedication
A scientist has to be dedicated to his work. He will work to discover and learn about things that will be to the benefit of all humankind. A scientist must be diligent, observant and impartial in their experiments and researches.

  • Enthusiasm

A scientist must always be enthusiastic about the world around him and must possess a natural curiosity about its essence and how it has evolved.
They must possess an appetite to learn.

  • Open mind
They must also see everything from different perspectives. This means that they must analyze whatever they see and think critically of the reasons behind everything that happens. They must then assess what should be done and subsequently act on that.

  • Good imagination
A scientist should have a good imagination. This will help in combining creative imagination and logic to arrive at any result in experiments or researches. This will help to balance their personality between science and art.

  • Logical thinking
A scientist must be logical in their conclusions and possess organized thoughts so that others can understand them.

  • Intuition
A scientist should possess intuition to be able to understand something straight away without any need for cognizant reasoning. This does not mean he must not think things over. There is a fine line that runs between common sense and reasoning.

  • Honesty
A scientist must be honest with himself and must not cheat on experiments and researches to gain instant fame. Even if they repeat an experiment 1000 times they will carry on experimenting until they come to a satisfactory answer.

  • Mathematical
A basic requirement for any scientist is mathematics. Every single aspect of a scientist's work will require solid data interpretations through numerous computations and statistics. This all requires an advanced knowledge of mathematics. To become a scientist a pre-requisite is definitely mathematics.
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The main thing necessary for a scientific attitude is openness. You must never believe without evidence - and if the evidence contradicts what you want to believe, you have to be strong enough to change your belief or find new evidence. You must be curious and never believe you know all the answers. You can find a good list of 10 scientific attitudes here.
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Think about it, what does a scientist do? They discover things. Well how do they do this? By forming ideas and then testing them. So, a true scientist must have a completely open mind. You must be willing to test any idea no matter how simple or stupid it may seem. You can't accept or deny anything until you have tested it yourself.
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scientific attitude

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Curiosity - because a scientist must shows interest and pays particular attentions to objects or events. He asks questions and seeks answer :)
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The scientific character is perfectly summed up by Sinclair Lewis in his novel Arrowsmith - you can read ithere. The scientific approach is all about testing, doubting, not taking anything on trust. If you want to believe something is true, that is all the more reason to keep checking the facts. To a scientist, only evidence is convincing - not rumours or prejudices or tradition, which is the basis of what most people believe.

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