How Rising Prices Of Common Goods Effecting On A Common Man In Pakistan?


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Though rising prices is not a new phenomenon, yet the common person tends to compare the current prices with those prevailing during the past few years. Prices have substantially increased since 1995, and have shown an upward trend, especially after the Budget and hikes in administered prices. It is now very difficult for people depend on regular monthly income to make both ends meet. We all feel that something should be done to check the prices. New price lists put up by pharmaceutical firms show an average increase of over 32 percent, including a five percent GST, in the prices of five controlled medicines.

There is a lot of anger, resentment, and discontentment over the rising prices, and most people seem to think that the government has been very ineffective in checking the prices. However, the controlling price rise is not an easy task, it require special product, by product and industry, by industry analysis. The price issue involves everybody at present. Though the government claims to be doing whatever it can, the situation is now under check. The middle class is the worst affected by the price hike. The industry and the trade are responsible to a good extent for not playing fair with the public. The government, businessmen and the public should collectively tackle the problem, back in theory and practice.

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