Why Does The Sky Go Red At Sunset?


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At sunset (or sunrise) the sun is very low in the sky.  This means, effectively, that the light from the sun has to travel through more of the earth's atmosphere to reach our eyes.  

The sun emits light in the main colours of red, green, blue, ultraviolet. Red has the longest wavelength, which is bigger than most of the molecules in the atmosphere.  As a result, red light passes straight through air molecules, it doesn't get reflected somewhere else (or 'scattered').   So red light travels in a straight line to our eyes.

Blue and green light have shorter wave-lengths, so they get scattered more easily.  The more atmosphere they pass through, the more scattering happens.  When the sun is low in the sky the blue and green light simply can't travel straight to our eyes because they get scattered away.  This leaves the red light to come straight through, and thus the sun itself often appears especially red at sunset.  Remember that red light travels in a straight line to our eyes, but away from the sun the light gets more grey as more of the scattered blue, green and UV light reaches our eyes from these areas.
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When the sun is about to set, very low down the sky, the light that is coming from the sky must travel a further distance throughout the whole atmosphere before it gets to you and  reach your eyes. Along the way, more of the light is scattered and dispersed in all directions than ever before. Thus, when less of the light reaches you, the sun shines less brightly compared to other time in the day. That's why you can see the sky changing from bright blue to dark red, as more of the blue and green wavelengths (colors) are scattered everywhere, so only red wavelengths, the longer one are able to reach in a straight line towards you in a direct beam, passing through the air molecules in the atmosphere without getting reflected in any way.
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The red color of the visible spectrum has the longest wavelength and so it scatters the least and as a result it reaches our eyes.
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Account of setting sun wid night
sun have a rainbow{colors} vibgyor in the form of their increasing wavelength
so travel in the space taking more time according to their order n
at the time sunset sun also horizental
so takes time reach in our's eyes retina n in the space scattered of red light so we setting sun looks red
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No need detail, we can say due to sun color is like fire, so it makes the sky is red when sun is down or rise.

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