Can You Describe The Living World In Space And Time?


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The distribution of organisms in space can be studied through biomes.
A biome is the large regional community primarily determined by the environment. It has been found that the major types of plant determine the other kind of plants and animals. These biomes have therefore been named after the type of major plant or major feature of the ecosystem. The major biomes of the world include tundra, temperate deciduous forests, tropical rain forests and deserts.
The distribution of biomes is determined by physical factors such as climate, which varies according to latitude and altitudes,
Living world in time
Since the time of origin of life was on the planet earth, different organisms were evolved and they dominate this planet during various periods of geological time chart. It has bee found by the evidence obtained from the discovery and study of fossil, which allows biologists to place organisms in a time sequence. As geological time passes and new layers of sediments are laid downs, the older organisms should be in deeper layer, provided the sequence of the layers has not bee disturbed. In addition, it is quite possible to date/ age rocks by comparing the amounts of certain radioactive isotopes they contain. The older sediment layers have less of these specific radioactive isotopes than the younger layers. A comparison of these layers gives an indication of the relative age of the fossils found in the rock. Therefore, the forests found in the same layer must have been alive during the same geological period.

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