What Properties Of Water Make It Important For Living Organisms?


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Water is the medium of life. It is the most abundant compound found in all organisms. It varies from 65to 89 % in different organisms. Human tissues contain about 20 % water in bone cells and 85% in brain cells. Almost all the reactions of a cell occur in the presence of water. It also takes part in many biochemical reactions such as hydrolysis of macromolecules. It is also use as a raw material in photosynthesis. Following properties make it essential for life:

Solvent property
Water is a polar molecule. It is a best solvent for polar substances. When ionic substances are dissolved in water, they dissociate into positive and negative ions. When a salt, such as sodium chloride is put into water the negative end of the water molecules are attracted to the sodium ions and positive ends attracted to sodium ions.
Heat capacity
Water has ability of absorbing heat with minimum of change in its own temperature.

Heat of vaporization
Water has a high heat of vaporization. Water absorbs much heat as changes from liquid to gas.
Water is effective lubricant, which provides protection against damage resulting from friction e.g., tears protect the eye surface from the rubbering of eyelids. Water also forms a fluid cushion around organ that protect them from trauma.
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The availability to dissolve many different types of substances, high heat capacity, buoyancy
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1.)high heat capacity;2.) polar;3.) forms hydrogen bonds;4.) adhesive, and and 5.) excellent solvent
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Having water, humans, is important because it will help you get less heart problems healthy looking skin and water gives you energy

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