What Are The Functions Of Water In Living Organisms?


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Water is a:
  1. Solvent (All chemical Reaction in living cells take place in an aqueous solution of Water)
  2. Reactant (Water Breaks food in Digestion by Hydrolysis Reaction)
  3. Transport Medium (90% of Plasma is water to dissolve substances to be carried around)
  4. Lubricant (The Synovial Fluid between bones in vertebrates)
  5. An aqueous Medium for Sexual Reproduction (Necessary for Sperms to Swim to female Gamete)
  6. Raw Material (It's is essential in Photosynthesis as a raw material to combine with CO2 in the presence of Light Energy to build up organic food in plants)
  7. Cooler (Warm-Blooded animals produce water as Sweat to Evaporate and take heat energy from their body to cool them)
  8. Support to Plants (When the Vacuole in plant cell is full of water, the cells are turgid. Supporting the plant by making it Firm)

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