How Will You Define Social Evils In The Society?


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The best definition is a useful one; to be useful it must be practical; to be practical it must be short.

That said: A social evil is an action or attitude that if and when is allowed to run its course, results in the destruction, demise, or diminution of a society.
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Any evil, such as overindulgence, that affects society is generally termed as social evil. An evil is always there in a society, there could hardly be any community which could be careful as most virtuous. It is normally the loosening effect of law and order attached with falling apart of moral values in a society which results in the spread of social evils.

These social evils can be defined in different subjects for instance, some might only be principled and some might relate to crime or it might as violate certain establish principles like respect of elders. A society infested with such negative norms has depicted gradual befall, as happened in the French revolution of 1789 and several other incidences where revolution became a possibility.

In modern society, with special reference to Pakistan, it is important to note that a number of social evils have grappled our country in its iron claws, in additions, it seems impossible to get out of its tentacles.

Although one cannot really draw a boundary around the social evils, yet generally they can be recognized in the form of corruption such as, bribery, nepotism, black marketing, adulteration and prostitution. But the list does not end here, in fact social evils are a wide spread Phenomena.
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Some of the major social issues include:
Age of consent
Affirmative action
Capital punishment
Civil rights
Corporal punishment
Disability rights
Drug laws
Education and school leaving age
Family values
Gay rights
Gun control
Social exclusion
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Yes, social evil is when women of your home can not move out of your house just b'coz some evil boys r on street bother 'em . And if that girl comes in home then her parents says don't mind it happens.
Why it happens ? Why don't they stop 'em ?
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Slogans on social evils
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Social evils like dowry system, child abuse, drug abuse are the main bane of the society. You, as a part of the society can take steps to prevent them and make the society a better place to live in. This chapter explains about the precautions you have to take to prevent such crimes.

Dowry System

Many NGOs have started campaigns against dowry harassment and are keeping a close watch on reported offences. Though law has provided stringent measures to curb this menace, society and you as a member of the society can do a lot to prevent offences of harassment, dowry death, etc., by taking the following steps:

Start practising dowry prohibition in your family

Educate the members of your family with the provisions of law – that demanding and accepting or giving dowry is an offence

A woman is an important member of family and is entitled to all the rights and privileges a man enjoys

Educate the members of your family and your neighbours to respect a woman’s rights and privileges

If in any family there is a growing dispute between the in-laws and the lady, try to intervene to sort out the differences and educate them about the evils of dowry system. If they fail to listen to you, please inform the jurisdictional police and counselling centres

Provide support and shelter to the lady in distress. If you cannot, please contact the Women organisations who can provide support in such cases

Gather like-minded people who are fighting against this evil and gather public sympathy and support to ex-communicate the families where the evil persists

In case you have any suspicion of ill treatment of a lady in any house, immediately inform the local Police. Ladies in distress, generally avoid showing their resentment to ill-treatment till it reaches a dangerous point leading to their being burnt to death

Encourage women folk to raise their voice about their rights and to fight against dowry system
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Behavior which cannot currently be profited on...... Illegal behavior is evil because no money or tax is applicable as it pertains to the systems of control.
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I think its prostitution, child marriage, child labour, dowry system, female infanticide and even sati

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