Do You Think Child Abusers Can Also Be Good People? Please Motivate Your Answer


3 Answers

Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Yes, many child abusers can be and are really good people but they just need to learn to vent their anger in other ways or to control it and not use it against the children who don't deserve it
Maggie Dee Profile
Maggie Dee answered
No, active child abusers cannot be good people. In fact, they are just the opposite of good people. Anyone who would abuse the littlest among us is heinous...for whatever reason--and there's never a good one. I don't care if the person was abused himself/herself as a child..has lots of pressure and unruly broke...whatever -- there is never ever an excuse to abuse a child. They are helpless angels.
BaNe SKELIK Profile
BaNe SKELIK answered
If they hurt a child "In any way" they should be castrated, hanged and shot. All in that order. Zero tolerance. So my answer would be Yes they can be, but its too late for that now. They already did the deed and should they be forgiven or even trusted? I say HeLL No!

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