Where's the best place to bring up a family in Southern California?


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i currently live in socal and i've noticed that there's a lot of young families in irvine especially. Their public schools are supposed to be awesome and it's a very safe area.

but, if i were to point out a negative on the place, i've just gotten a kind of snobbish vibe from a lot of the people there. It's not so much in your face as someone being outright rude, but it's definitely a very affluent environment, which boasts the fact that the inhabitants are very well off. I'm a bit biased i guess because i grew up in a blue collar town up north and i felt that being surrounded by people who didn't have it all taught me to be down to earth and thankful for the things that i did have. But like i said, its a personal bias.

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Awesome - thanks for the advice Nicole, I'll definitely do some research into Irvine then.

I live in the UK at the moment, and I'd like my daughter to experience a couple of different cultures in the next 17 years (she turns 1 on Monday) so I'm trying to identify a couple of places around the world that it'd be nice to move to at some point (even though I haven't even got plans for summer vacation together yet!)

Is there anywhere in the world you'd like to move to? Or actually I should open that as a new question - watch out for it! ;)

Hope you're enjoying Blurtit so far by the way.
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San Diego, of course.

Rather sane for California.

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Ever been to the Bat Area? Ideology, pseudoscience homelessness, insane people allowed to run rampant, dirt, pigeons and all manner of the self absorbed, self centered and selfish.

That is why I moved from there.

Google; " why I hate San Francisco/The Bay Area. "
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Hah I just did... So I hear San Francisco has a homeless problem, is full of rude/stuck-up waitresses, and an Eggs Benedict will set you back $16 - but it looked so lovely on Full House!!!
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That view is from Alamo Park. The last time I was in SF ( not that long ago ) this park was not safe after dark and not too good a place before dark. And that is one of the better neighborhoods! Those old Vics look nice but you would not want the heating bill.
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I lived in Oxnard for a while - 30 miles up the coast from LA. While I had a good time there I wouldn't necessarily recommend it.

I would recommend Thousand Oaks, just 20 miles up the coast from LA. Near to the beaches, very middle-class, almost zero crime, clean, neat and tidy.

If you want to get that So Cal beach vibe, there is always Ventura. Nice little town, famous for its Hells Angels Meet (and they are never any trouble). Property prices are low. Near to all the surfing beaches. I used to get breakfast on the pier there.

If you've got a few bob to spend, Santa Barbara is nice too.

All of So Cal is an "experience". I really miss the place.

"Anyway, gotta go, Surf's up!"

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