What Are Super Heated Steam Boilers And How Are They Different From Steam Boilers?


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A Super heated Steam boiler is a boiler that is similar to steam boiler, however more efficient. The working function of Super heated steam boiler, though is more complicated than a steam boiler. In Super heated steam boiler, after the heating the water and collecting the steam, the steam is then put into another vessel for super heating.
This enables you to have a steam that has come out of a much higher temperature. This however can decrease the efficiency of the whole steam plant, keeping in mind that a much higher temperature is required to obtain the same amount of steam.

So what are the benefits of super heated Steam boiler over the conventional Steam boiler? The advantage of super heated steam boilers over the steam boiler is that super heated steam boilers give you the ability to extract useful heat from the steam and this can be done without causing any condensation or damaging the piping or the turbine.

The temperature in the super heated Steam boilers is much higher than the Steam boilers, however we need to understand the fact that pressure remains the same and there is no increase in it. As discussed before, the reason for Super heater Steam boiler is because it removes heat or in other words moisture from the steam. This eventually helps to prevent damage to any piping or the turbine blading.

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