What Is The Function Of Iron Clamp?


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An iron clamp is a piece of equipment that is commonly found in chemistry laboratories. It is used to hold things in place, for example, a test tube over a Bunsen burner and comes with an iron stand that is used to elevate whatever the clamp is holding.

  • Laboratory apparatus.
The exact pieces of apparatus that are in a laboratory can vary depending on the type of laboratory that it is, for example, biology or chemistry, but they will all contain the same basic pieces.

  • Safety equipment.
All laboratories, no matter what type, will all contain some sort of safety equipment. The most common piece is eye goggles which are to be worn at all times when conducting an experiment. Most laboratories will also contain eye washing stations which are to be used when a person has gotten something in their eye which needs to be rinsed out immediately. White laboratory coats can also be found to protect the person's clothing. Gloves are also common to protect hands against acidic substances of extreme temperatures.

  • Equipment for measuring.
The most common piece of measuring equipment used for measuring out liquids is a graduated cylinder, which is a tall glass cylinder with very accurate markings up the side. Very accurate scales can also be found in a laboratory. These scales usually measure up to two decimal places in order to ensure accuracy.

Another common piece of measuring equipment is a volumenometer which is used to measure the volume of irregular objects. It is also commonly used to measure things that are vulnerable to being damaged when they are placed in water or liquids e.g. Fragile roots.

  • Other equipment.
Most commonly found in biology laboratories, microscopes are used to examine small objects or creatures that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The tools used for examining something up close vary, for example, a simple magnifying glass could be used to examine the structure of an insect's wing. But if you wanted to see the individual cells you would have to use a microscope.

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