What Are The Uses Of Ceiling Fan?


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You've asked a really interesting question. You want to know about the different uses of ceiling fans. Ceiling fans indeed have different uses and they perform different tasks. They can also be used for different reasons in different seasons. The major task and work of the ceiling fan is to circulate the air in some specific area or room. There are some other basic uses of ceiling fans are available as well.

It has 2 basic seasons of real use of it. One is the use in summer seasons, when ceiling fan is switched on, it circulates the air and evaporates the sweat of human skin and eliminates the perspiration effects on the human body. It is because it throws air on the human body in such a way, when the body is perspiring so as soon as human body receives the air due to sweat on the body, that air becomes so comfortable and leaves the feeling of coolness on the human body. It is the major function of ceiling fan in summer.

Another major use of ceiling fans appears in winter season. It is used in winter to heat up the atmosphere. As air has a natural phenomenon of going upward if it is warm and getting downward on the earth and to sink in it if it is cold. So when the ceiling fan is used in winter it naturally throw the warm air downwards thus it makes the atmosphere warm and in this way the ceiling fan is used in winter

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