If humans have evolved over millions of years, which evolved first, the man or the women?


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Man came first and He was Created by God.
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Scientists are disproving evolution more and more these days. Regardless if you believe it or not, Man would come first because females would be in the kitchen.
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In the Beginning God created Man, and he looked upon it and was pleased, Man(Adam) wanted a companion and God took his rib and made Eve, hence Wo-man,

God looked upon his creation and was pleased, it is a Fact, evolution cannot be as then we would see the apes already start turning into a man, there were always apes and there were always man. End. Every nation on this planet can be traced to a single family, Noah! The different languages came from the time of Babel, when God gave the people different languages so that man can disperse around the world as they were starting to think they were better and stronger, it is written and it is there, in Geneses. It has also been proved that the sun burns away every year, it is a fact read up on it, if you do your mathematical calculations you see that if it takes a certain amount of time for evolution to work or kick in or whatever thay say, the sun would be allot bigger and life would not be viable on earth. As it is currently perfect, all creation is perfect and works perfectly, and it IS going to end, it is not build to last eternity, As God said. If you do you calculations again, its not long till the Sun will burn out, so in perspective NOTING last forever Except The loving Father God. The problem comes because MAN wants to know more, and wants an answer to everything, and if the answer doesn't make sense we make things up to justify it in our own minds. God is perfect and Awesome, His power is immense and so is his love. The fact that man cannot get a small mind around the fact that God WAS, IS and IS to come, that He was always there, and that he wanted to create man in his own image to rule over the earth and of all its animals, man cannot comprehend this. Then Darwin came up with evolution and his own ides and some how that rubish stuck,  remember Darwin in his time was considered a crazy man.
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You really do not know how silly this question is, do you?

Populations evolve.
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John McCann
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Some real strange answers here. Too vapid even to be wrong. I suggest to all that a cursory education is in order.
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I think mitochondrial DNA indicates that woman predated man by about 40,000 years.
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No. That means that line of mitochondrial DNA preceded the male line by that amount and those lines are of common ancestry. Populations evolve, not men and women, so the question does not make any sense biologically.
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Which means that, technically, the truly human woman came before the truly human man. They weren't plopped out together at the same time.

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