How Pressure Produces Electricity?


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The one of major source of external energy which can used to separate outer orbit electrons away from their parent atom is PRESSURE. Whenever you speak into a telephone or any similar type of microphone, the pressure waves of the sound energy which your voice generates make a diaphragm move. This diaphragm movement can be used to give rise to an electric charge in the following away.

There exit in nature certain materials whose crystals develop an electric charge when pressure (as form a moving diaphragm) is exerted or them. Quartz, tourmaline and Rochelle salts are examples. If a crystal from one of the material is placed between two metal plates and pressure is exerted on the plates, an electric charge will be created between the plates. It size will depend on the amount of pressure exerted.

It is also possible to convert electrical energy back into mechanical energy by placing an electric charge on the plates of such a device. The crystal will then expand or contract by a small amount, depending on the amount and type of the charge applied; and the mechanical energy so created can also be put to use.

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