How Does Mold Grow?


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Different types of mold grow in different ways. Molds have tiny spores
and these spores can reproduce themselves through sexual or asexual
reproduction. In sexual reproduction, the mold spore needs another
spore to reproduce, while in asexual reproduction, a single spore can
reproduce all by itself.
Mold spores can reproduce themselves almost anywhere. They can grow in
soil, on roofs, in pots, and even in the air, but they grow most
rapidly in dark, moist places.
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Mold is a form of fungi which grows best in warm, dark and moist conditions. It needs moisture and food. It can grow on any nutrient or food or even any organic material like paper, cloth, wood, soil or plant material.
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Mold grows over a long time in moist warm times.
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Mold is a living in the mold there is a part called the spore  it swells up and forms hypae which is like a thread.stolons spread out and form the mold
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