How Does Starvation Affect Poor Countries And Its People?


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Starvation affects poorer countries as people are dying from it as they get skinnier and skinnier everyday, so we should give money to CAFOD to help this from stop happening
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Prosperity has greater affects on the people of any society or country. When the people are prosperous, they establish sense of visions and broad based thoughts. They are able to create greater ideas for the society as well as for the country. They have positive approach towards things and matters and their power of taking decisions is also established in the right direction. Now we come to the question that how does starvation affect poor countries and its people.

As I mentioned-above that prosperous societies are able to create great minds and in turn great minds are able to make their country more well off and prosperous. On the other hand where there is starvation, the things are opposite and abilities and qualities of people get depressed and even their minds stop working because of hunger and other evils. This hunger leads people to go in crimes for getting basic necessities of life. So no positive work or development in such countries takes place and the evildoers crush society. Disease, hunger, lack of education and many other evils become the fate of such countries.

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