What Is The Affect Of Globalization On The Poor Countries?


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Globalization refers to rising global connectivity, mixing and interdependence in the financial, communal, technical, educational, political, and environmental spheres. Globalization is a sunshade term and is perhaps best tacit as a unitary process all-encompassing of a lot of sub-processes (such as improved economic interdependence, greater than before cultural influence, fast advances of information skill, and novel supremacy and geopolitical challenges) that are more and more binding nation and the biosphere more forcefully into one global classification.

Globalization has a positive as well as negative impact on third world poor countries. They may be gaining good things because of globalization. They are very able to get money flow in many ways. This is a plus point that they have., another thing is that they are gaining attention as well. They are having the eyes of the world's most wanted community. They can explore themselves in many ways. This is a thing that has positive impacts upon them.
While there are some issues which have negative effects. Now people of third world are fully aware of the rest of the world so they want to be like them. This asks for money and power. This is a thing that is unavailable in these countries.

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