How Do You Measure Chloride Content Of Water?


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The following reagents are required to measure the chloride.
1- Standard AgNO3 solution (1N): 84.5g of AgNO3 dissolve in distilled water and dilute to 1000 ml.
2- Standard AgNO3 Solution (0.014 N): 1.183 g of AgNO3 dissolve in distilled water and dilute to 1000ml.
3- Standard Sodium Chloride (0.014 N): 819 mg NaCl crystal dissolve in distilled water and dilute to 1000 ml.

4- Potassium Chromate indicator: Dissolved 50 g K2CrO4 in distill water, added AgNO3 solution till a definite red precipitate, is formed. Equilibrate for 12 hours, filter and dilute to 1000ml with distilled water.
5- Hydrogen per oxide H2O2 30%.

AgNO3 solution is standardize against standard sodium chloride solution.30 ml of sample is taken in a conical flask. Then added 1 ml H2O2 30% and 1ml K2CrO4, then titrate against 0.014 N AgNO3 to a pinkish yellow end point
Chloride mg/L = (A – B) x N x 1000 / ml of sample.
A = ml of titrant used
B= ml of titrant for blank
N= normality of AgNO3
All the readings are to be calculated and compiled in tabular form. Then there mean is found. We analyze this parameter both for drinking water and sewage.
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How do you measure the Chloride content of water?
To determine the concentration of Cl- in a water sample by titrating with standard AgNOO3.

|AgNO3| Trial 1: Seawater(diluted) Trial 2:Seawater(diluted) Trial 1:River water (undiluted) Trial 2:River water (undiluted)

Volume of water sample used (mL) 25mL 25mL 25mL 25mL
Initial reading of AgNOO3(mL) 0.09mL 11.10mL 22.02mL 23.50mL
Final reading of AgNOO3(mL) 11.10mL 22.02mL 23.50mL 24.00mL
Volume of AgNOO3 used (mL) 11.01mL 10.92mL 1.48mL 0.50mL

--->What is the concentration of Cl- in each sample of water?

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