What Are The Function Of Each Part Of The Compound Microscope?


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Draw tube
body tube
coarse adjustment knob
dust shield
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Parts of the compound microscope

EYE PIECE where the observers look upon the object.

DRAW TUBE  holds the eye piece

BODY TUBE  it collects the filtered light

DUST SHIELD it protects the object from dust

REVOLVING NOSE PIECE it interchanges the HPO/LPO

OBJECTIVES: HPO or High power objective

                        LPO or Low power objective

                        OIO or Oil Immersion Objective

( Sorry I've forgotten the magnification of the objectives)

COARSE ADJUSTMENT KNOB it moves for a greater distance

FINE ADJUSTMENT KNOB it moves for a shorter distance

ARM holds  the tubes a d connects it to the base

STAGE is where the slide is placed

STAGE CLIP it holds the slide to be secured

SLIDE where the object is placed




INCLINATION JOINT  so the microscope can be tilted

MIRROR ARM holds the mirror

MIRROR collects and reflects filtered light

BASE holds all parts of the microscope

I know that you are just lazy to open your notes or books.

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You really should use Google and do your own research fro your assignment :)

1. Eye piece - to look through and provide the initial magnification, typically 10x or 20x
2. Ocular - to provide the 2nd level of magnification, typically
3. Stage - to place the specimen on, and to move it into focus or laterally for inspection

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