Give the function of each part of brain?


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Depends on what you mean by function; a person may still be alive if many parts of their brain are removed but that does not necessarily mean that they are functioning to the usual standard.

At a very basic level, the brain is composed of two hemispheres. Each of these is made up of, among other things, the cerebrum and cerebellum. The cerebrum is very large in humans and curves over the top of the brain. In fact, it is the largest section of our brains. The cerebrum is the control of 'higher order' processes involving things like concious thought and speech. This is the part of the brain that we can, to a limited standard, live without. This can actually be seen in the fictional style film 'From Hell', in which the frontal lobe of the brain is cut off from the rest. The person is alive but very troubled.

The hypothalamus and pituitary are responsible for a very great number of the hr monal messages through the body. If parts of the brain such as the hypothalamus or pituitary gland were removed, we would die. The same is probably true of the cerebellum, as this controls functions essential to life. The medulla ______ of the brain controls the speed of the beating of the heart so, actually I imagine you could live if that were tampered with.

A study was conducted in which individuals with severe epilepsy had the corpus callosum (nerve pathways) beth-ween their two hemispheres severed. Broca's area, responsible for language and speech, is only present on the left side of the brain. Bearing in mind that the left side of the body corresponds to the right side of the body and vice versa, the side effects of this make sense. When shown an object with their right eye only, the participants could name it. However, when shown the exact same object seconds later with their left eye, they could not as the communication to Broca's area that would normally take place could not.

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