Describe Fauna Of Pakistan ?


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Fauna of Pakistan is full of variety of animal groups. Each one of these groups hold an important position in its biological relationship with plants and with human beings.
The shores and offshore waters of Karachi are rich in seafood. These are considered to be one of the best fishing grounds of the world.

Many freshwater fishes in rivers and lakes have a commercial value.
Among fishes, Trout, Mahasher, Flat fish , etc, Sea-horse, Malee, Skates, Rays are common examples.
Pakistan is rich in variety of flying birds. Every year many water birds like ducks visit lakes. These together with Quails, Partridges and the beautiful Pheasants are game birds.
Other common birds are Houbara Bastard, Crane , Water fowl, Shaheen falcon, Himalayan, Snow cock, etc.

Mammals make up a major part of wildlife and domesticated fauna. There are variety of deer in Pakistan. These together with Ibex(a wild goat) and Urial ( a wild sheep) attract hunters. Uncontrolled hunting has endangered their survival .Monkeys are endangered because of demand for it in overseas markets. The most common mammals are Grey Langur, Rhesas monkey , Markhorm Snow Leopard, Wolf.
Floara and Fauna are biological inseparable because of their interrelationship and have an impact on welfare and even survival.
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