What Are Environmental Factors ?


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There are many environmental factors in nature that can lead to problems when they interact with animal and plant life. These environmental factors include water, sky, land, and wind.

Environmental factors in the water can include water currents and how and where plankton drift. It can include wave strength and how much it causes the sand to recede in areas. The tide is also a factor which determines where an organism (including shellfish) lives on shore.

Environmental factors in the sky include the ozone layer and cloud formations. As the ozone develops soft spots or holes, it causes higher heat, including the melting of ice caps. Cloud formations can cause changes in the weather which will prevent or cause plants to grow or animals to migrate.

Another area where environmental factors exist is the land. There are all sorts of natural events including earthquakes and hurricanes, which can upset the natural balance of things. There is also acidity in the soil which can create problems in the way an animal feeds, as well as creating illnesses within the plants and animals.

Ultimately, an environmental factor is anything that happens in the environment that can play a role that affects the planet or the life on the planet, regardless of whether it is positive or negative. The actions that people take may or may not help with environmental factors. An oil leak is an environmental factor that we have control of, whereas earthquakes are not.

The more we know about environmental factors and what each one does, the better we can take control of the ones that we can do something about.
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Environmental factors are factors that exist in the physical surrounding around us which affects us(man),flora and fauna,either positively or negatively. They are factors that arise most times as a result of the type of activities that take place in that Niche.
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They are five for growing vegetables:
1. Temperature
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Environmental factors are facts, situations, effects, behaviours, all things, small or big, that may have impact on the environment
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Hi it mean the conditions that we live example : The land , air and water, in which people ,animals and plants live. We need the good environment for protecting our life as nowadays there are many pollutions which is bad for our health so we should prevent it as we could, in order to have a good living and healthy.
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These are the factors which are present in the outside environment of any business. Here are some of these factors:
Product Quality
Distribution Channels
Promotional Channels
Govt agencies
Technology etc

The technology is playing a vital role in changing the business environment. The govt, regulations and politics measure the intensity of FDI in any country. The ecological environment caters to the pollution and human life.
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Environmental factors are the biological aspects of life biotic or a biotic that affects humanity,animals,vegetation and the surrounding conditions of life -vely or +vely.
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The top 5 Environmental Factors are Technology, Government, Economics, Culture, and Demographics

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