How Far Is Niagara Falls From Albany New York?


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The distance between New York and Niagara Falls 'as the crow flies' is 405 miles. By road travel it is fairly direct and not much more than 405 miles. To drive that distance, including a break it would be best to give yourself six hours driving time assuming that there are no major delays.

While the actual flight time from New York is only 45 minutes once you factor in check-ins and other transfers it can easily extend towards four hours which isn't much quicker than driving by car. The closest airport to the falls is Buffalo/Niagara International which is 25 miles and generally a 35 minute drive away from the Rainbow Bridge. There are train and bus stops within one mile of the falls.

The Niagara Falls is one of the countries most popular tourist destinations, attracting visitors from throughout North America and beyond and is entirely free to visit. Being within reasonable driving distance of major population centers such as Toronto and New York adds to the appeal of the falls which appeals to various different types of tourists as well as 'locals' making an annual trip.

When you are going to Niagara Falls it's important to plan your time there as well as your journey. The walk from one side of Horseshoe Falls to the other via the Rainbow Bridge is 2.5 miles and you have to walk back again of course! By looking up guides to the falls, reading reviews and other information you can gain maximum value from your visit rather than be left frustrated and wondering why you missed something out.

Car parking is free during the quieter months but charges do apply from May to September although with the falls free to enter this more than compensates for the token parking charge.
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300 miles

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