How Big Is Niagara Falls?


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Niagara Falls is one the largest naturally occurring waterfalls in the world. The total length of the Niagara Falls is approximately 1060 feet and the height is approximately 176 feet. There are a total of three waterfalls which make up the Niagara Falls. The three waterfalls are Horseshoe Falls in Canada, American Falls in United States of America and Bridal Veil Falls in the United States of America. Niagara Falls is situated on the border of Canada and the United States of America.

Niagara Falls is considered to be one of the most powerful falls of the world. Cave of the Winds is a passage inside the Bridal Veil Falls where you can experience the falls from the base of it. The Niagara Falls originated in the 1880s. It is also the main source of Hydroelectricity for Canada.
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