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In his essay "Whistling of birds" D.H Lawrence has drawn a striking picture of winter and spring. He condemns winter as a season of death and destruction. He welcomes spring season as a revival and happiness. The end of winter is the beginning of spring. Winter seems to be a very long and troublesome period. There is heavy cold and terrible cold. It destroys and freezes everything. When cold becomes unbearable, small birds start dying. There bloody and torn bodies lie everywhere. Those who survive are frozen and dumb. A dull and sad silence prevails. The whole world seems to be dead.

Then one day warm wind starts blowing. Long and black winters come to an end. The hard snow melts and birds begin to whistle in their silvery voices. Their songs are broken and uncertain. They are still in the cruel grip of fatal cold. The change is always difficult and painful. This change from certain death into a new life has made them miserable. We welcome the new season which is full of joy, hope and life we are ready to forget the disastrous cold and snow storms.

It was a time of pain and misery. But it is over now. It seems to have gone far away. It seems to be only and illusion now there is no need to remember the suffering of the past. The new reality of spring is here. We feel its thrill and excitement within us. We cannot stop the change that has taken place we have no control over the cycle of nature. We can neither make winter stay nor delay the arrival of spring.

D.H. Lawrence has studied nature closely. He has painted winter and spring in fascinating colors like a master artist. The contrast between the two seasons is never as sharp as we see in this essay.
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Winter is cold and spring is fun!  Yeah!!

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