What are the values and advantages of descriptive normative research?


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When one is collecting descriptive-normative research that main advantage is that there is a considerable amount of description that comes with it. There is a lot of detail within the research which helps the researchers to conduct a more in-depth analysis. In addition to this, there are a number of other advantages, including:

  • Giving the whole picture

The role of descriptive research is simply to collect information that allows researchers to observe how things have been and how they are now. There is no manipulation or action using this research, it is used mostly to establish a foot hold on the past and present information surrounding the target of the research.

However - normative research is considered as a way of looking into the future and attempting to discover how the research target will feature in the future. Therefore if you are combining both pieces of research then you are giving yourself the whole picture from past, present and as well as a glimpse into the future.

  • Rich detail

The amount of detail that is often included with descriptive normative research is very advantageous. It means that investigators can retrieve much more information and meaning from the research than they would through similar quantitative research like numbers and statistics.

Of course - it is important to have a comprehensive collection of research methods and those include both quantitative and qualitative methods. Good researchers do not constrict themselves to one method of collecting research.

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