What Is A Good Introduction In Investigatory Project?


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• Start by catching the reader's attention. This can be done in a number of ways depending on the kind of investigatory project you are creating. You might want to start by using a startling fact, a personal note or just some interesting information that you have found whilst you have been researching the topic of the project. Say for instance your project is about a certain disorder or disease that is affecting people across the world then you may want to start the project by stating how many people die from the disease every year.

• You should clearly state the intention of your project, too. You can do this in the last sentence of the introductory paragraph. The reader needs to know what the investigatory project is about and what they can expect to be reading about, and learning about. The statement should be literally the one statement that is able to perfectly sum up what the subject of the investigation is. If you can't put this into one statement then you probably aren't investigating something specific enough to be your project.

• You want to start the introductory paragraph rather generally, and later on into the writing, get a little more specific. Getting more specific with every sentence is known as funneling, so remember, the first sentence should be general, and the last statement should be incredibly detailed in the topic of which your project is studying.

• Ensure that you introduce the complete essay within the introductory paragraph. This can be done within the aforementioned statement, and in just the one sentence again, explain what kinds of information you will be using as sources for your investigatory project. Remember to be interesting right throughout the investigatory project and to come to a conclusion at the end.
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A good introduction always starts with the problem you want to solve in your study/research, then continue..

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