A Sky Diver Wants To Measure The Air Pressure On Her Way Down To Earth. She Should Bring Along A __________?


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A skydiver who wants to measure the air on her way back down to Earth should bring along a barometer. A barometer uses mercury (although some barometers less commonly use water or air) to measure the atmospheric pressure. It should be noted that the practicalities of using a barometer whilst skydiving mean a traditional barometer will not be suitable. Instead, a skydiver should look for some sort of digital barometers. Barometers can be purchased and attached to the wrist - in the same way an altimeter can be - for air pressure to be measured. The instrument should also be programmed to record the changes in air pressure, as it won't be possibly to check this during the skydive.
  • The basic of air pressure
Air pressure is a measure of how dense the atmosphere is at one particular point. The number of air molecules that occupy a certain space will determine the air pressure, as well as how hot the air is - hotter areas of air will have more particles with more energy, leading to a higher pressure. Air pressure gets lower as an individual travels higher up into the atmosphere. This can make it difficult to get enough oxygen, a typical issue faced by paragliders and mountain climbers. Normal air pressure exists at ground level.

  • Skydiving opportunities
Skydiving opportunities are available all around the US. You can expect to pay around 300 dollars for a typical skydive experience. The experience is incredibly exhilarating and intense, and is a challenge greatly enjoyed by those who love an adrenaline rush. An aircraft vehicle will take you up into the air, and you will receive a briefing on how to skydive safely. You will then jump out of the aircraft at a safe height along with a trained instructor.

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