Imagine that you are a scientist trying to find a place in outer space where human beings could live if and when earth could no longer support life.your choice might be another planet or a planet's moon.Describe the conditions in the place which you?


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I may be totally wrong, because I am not a scientist or astronomer.
But I'm guessing a moon orbiting a planet would be a horrible place to live.
I'm just thinking about the amount of sunlight, and the sun cycle it would have.
It would make it hard to grow plants as we do on earth.
But if it is my choice, of it being a planet or a planet's moon, then it seems it is a foregone conclusion that both would "somehow" be habitable.
At either rate I would have to choose the planet over the moon.
Because if we as a species need to flee one planet for survival, surely we would require at least as much room (if not more) to make our trip worthwhile.

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