What Is Zakat Write Down A Note On Deserters Of Zakat?


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Zakat: "The word zakat means purification and cleanliness it is the purification of soul character and wealth. Zakat is a compulsory tax which is imposed on the wealthy Muslim people for providing social justice to the community; therefore, a portion of our wealth is set a side for the deserver which are called zakat.

Islam has introduced the system of zakat to provide justice, social equality and discourage the concentration of wealth. The government of Pakistan promulgated the zakat and ushr ordinance on June 20th. 1980. The funds collected from zakat are being used for the welfare of the deserver.

Deserves of zakat:

1. Fuqra (Destitute): These are needy persons living hand to mouth but do not beg from any body.

2. Masakeen (Poor): They are living in a miserable life and deserve our health.

3. Fir-Reqab (For the Emancipation of slaves): A slave may be released by giving money to his master.

4. Al gharemin (Relieving one from the burden of debt): Those persons who are a debt are called Al-gharemin. Zakat can be given to those who are in debited.

5. Musafir (way-fairer): A person who is traveling but he is short of money, he must be given zakat.

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