What Specific Function Is Performed By The Physical Layer Of OSI Model?


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The physical layer is treated as the first layer of OSI (open system interconnection model. Actually it is last layer that receives and processes the data from the sending device while it is first layer to receive the data at the destination end. The physical layer is not concerned with the contents of data that it receives from the previous layer. At this layer the data is represented as signals.

The basic objective of this layer is to transform the data in the form that is needed to be carried through the transmission media over the network. The transmission media either bounded or unbounded , carries the data in the form of electromagnetic waves or radio waves. Thus the physical layer of OSI reference model is responsible of converting the data to the required form of signals that is to be sent to the destination across the network.

These signals are actually the sequence of 1's and 0's. This layer provides the physical connection between network devices for transmitting the bits across the network. It specifies all the electrical, mechanical and functional requirements for physical transmission of signals through transmission media. It also ensures that the data is understood in the same format it was sent by the sender.

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