Explain Different Types Of Data Communication Media?


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Data can be communicated from one terminal to the central computer to other terminals through different media. These media are known as data communication channels there are cable, microwave, satellite and fiber optics.

Cable is the most popular and widely used medium to transmit data from one location to another. It includes telephone line, coaxial cable, twisted pair cable etc. telephone lines are less expensive and easy method of transmitting data. Cable channels have very slow data transmitting rate. Microwaves channel are used for transmitting analog signals. But data is transmitted in analog through air via boosters rather than cables. This type of transmission is same as the television and radio transmission. Data is transmitted from one location to another.

Through satellites data is also transmitted in space in the form of analog signals with very high transmission rate. Special satellites are sent into space. They are normally 20,000 to 25,000 miles above the earth. With the help of satellite, data can be transmitted to any country of the world. Optic fibers are used for digital signals. In an optical fiber, semi conductors laser transmit information in the form of light with very high speed.
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There are different types of data communication media.
Local Networks:
Local network is one of the ways of communication. This is not a new technique and it was implemented in Canada and united state in the new type of network structure is available that is called Large Area Network. In it all the parts of the computer are interconnected. This type of communication is applied on factories, organizations and laboratories.

Messaging is another way of data communication that is being adopted internationally. It is increasing rapidly. Messages may be stored and transfer and processed. By messaging different technical, economic and political problems can be solving with the help of international message service.

Satellite channel is one of another way of good can get the best result of satellite if you have prepared to design the multiplexing system.many business system does this.with the help of new types of multiplexing satellite will become more powerful.

Human Factor:
By developing the new technique and technologies of science relationship between the people can be improved. Especially the people who are not computer professionals.the relationship between human and computer is improved to solve the problems of the people in the specific area.
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Explain the two type of multiplexing

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