What Is Difference Between Open Standard And Closed Standard Protocols?


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The use of protocols is widely spread in our lives. The protocols actually refer to the set of rules that are followed in a particular field. If we discuss this term in the context of computer networks, we will find a number of protocol suites that are in use.    These protocols define the way in which different network devices communicate with each other. For instance IPX (i.e.  Internetwork packet exchange)  , TCP/IP (transmission control protocol / internet protocol), NetBEUI (network extended user interface) are some common protocols. These protocols are defined by either a company independently or by the network industry. If a company or a standalone organization defines a protocol, it becomes responsible for managing and controlling these protocol standards. If any modification to these protocols is needed, that company is free to change these protocols accordingly. The protocols defined by a company may be open standard or closed standard depending upon the whether the company publishes the standards of protocols or not.      For instance,    the de-jure protocol standard is one that is developed and maintained by an independent organization.  The de-fecto protocol standard is an example of protocol designed by the entire networking industry. This protocol standard is freely available for every one to use. The specification of these protocols are published, thus these are called open standard protocols.

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