What Is Meant By Globalization?


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Globalization is a term that is used to describe the changing world order in which various aspects of a nation that include the economic, social, political, cultural and environmental factors are viewed as being part of a global community and not restricted in their scope.

The term came to be used to describe the phenomenon of global flux in which trade as represented by capital and material can move freely across the world with lesser restrictions with respect to national boundaries.

Globalization though it has been essentially connoted with economic issues synonymous with multi national companies (MNC) and their policies that directly or indirectly affect populations across the world has also consequently ushered in an era of change with respect to social and cultural matters inducing a competitive spirit in world culture for the better or worse according to the social fabric of various communities and their flexibility and adaptability.

Knowledge, with respect to developments in science and technology is perceived to be the driving force behind globalization and continues to be the decisive factor what with the outsourcing trends of several MNCs to offshore destinations in recent times.

Globalization has often been seen as being a subtle factor that tries to undermine welfare policies of governments across the world and individual choice and being elitist in nature but it has also unconsciously forced democratic nations to be more affirmative and inclusive with respect to the betterment of all sections of societies and also to address vital issues like the conservation of the environment.
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Globalization is an umbrella term that describes an ongoing process of establishing various personal, cultural, and business relationships with other countries. This process embodies an increasing view of the world as a community. People and companies are interacting with others in different countries more than ever before. This includes personal communication between people that live on the other side of the world from each other. Companies are now striving to open markets in developing countries, instead of only delivering products and services domestically. Technology is beginning to expand across nations. Information is being shared with a multitude of people throughout the world in a fraction of the time that it would take to contact someone down the hall from your office. There is a growing interdependence of one country on another. The process of globalization appears to be accelerating and growing rapidly. As time continues to pass, it appears that we are moving to a world where the lines that divide one country from another will begin to blur and eventually fade away entirely.
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Globalisation is when markets are establised all over the world
for example a company that has a head office in several countries
it can also refer to the import and export of products resulting in a blend of cultures in the common market place
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Globalization is described as a change of world order in which various aspects of nations including economic, social, political, cultural, environmental.
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