What Is The Impact Of Globalization If Developing Countries, Like Ethiopia Join It?


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There will be a better understanding of the country's current state and its potentials to be a developed country. The developing country will have a better exposure among global leaders that might lead them to take interest in investing in the said country - which would greatly help in the developing country's economics. Also, the developing country will be open to other cultures that will enter once globalization is present, something like a fusion of cultures.
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Globalization is not an old term since, the process began in ancient times with the movement of people from Africa. As time passed movement included not only the movement of people, but the movement of material goods, ideas and technology.

Our lives have become dependent upon interaction and sharing of resources, technology, education, trade of material goods and more. Some people believe gobalization is good others believe it is not.

One the main concerns of many people is the impact of globalization upon environments across the world. Industrial pollution is being blamed for global warming by some, while others see this as a natural phenomenon, caused by the movement of the earth. Some see destruction of ecosystems and endangered species of many life forms.

Globalization is blamed for many health issues.
Transfer of germs and diseases due to our interconnected world and an imbalance in world economies is blamed on globalization.

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