If The Worlds Water Supply Dried Up What Would Happen Because Of That?


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If the world's water supply dried up, the result would be that all human, animal and plant life as we know it would cease to exist anymore i.e we would die! 

Scary stuff hey?!

The biological repercussions of the world's water drying up

Water makes up just over seventy percent of the worlds surface area. However, it's not just oceans and rivers which contain water. It's present in human beings too! In fact our bodies are up to 60 percent water.

Why do we need water to survive?

There are several reasons we need water to survive including:

  • Water keeps the body's temperature cool so we don't overheat
  • Water feeds plants and trees which create oxygen for humans to breathe
  • Water removes the waste products from our bodies and keeps us healthy
  • Water contributes to the earths weather cycle (rain and clouds). It makes sure that the atmosphere which allows us to live and breathe is maintained.

So let's hope it doesn't dry out anytime soon!

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