Sports And Games Play An Important Role In The Development Of Human Personality. In Developed Countries, Sports Are Essential. How Developing Country Like Pakistan Doing In This Field?


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Can sports brings people together?
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Sports and games play an  important role in the development of human personality. They are no less important than food and fresh water. The developed countries like England, Germany, France and U.S.A have made games an essential part of education at the school level. It is interesting to note that there are many nurseries and training centers for games in these countries. They admit boys and girls for necessary training to become future athletes, gymnasts and sportsman.    No doubt, games and sports are becoming popular in Pakistani schools as well. The facilities, of course, are not adequate at present. The situation is expected to improve in the near future.    The Pakistani school boys and school girls know fully well the meaning of the proverb "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy". They know that their growing bodies need regular physical exercise to keep themselves healthy and fit.    General sports include hunting, fishing (angling), riding, cycling. Mountaineering (mountain climbing) is becoming favourite sport of Pakistani schoolboys in summer time among the mountains of Murree, Nathiagali, Swat, Chitral, Kaghan and the Karakoram Highway.    A number of school clubs and societies hold athletics contest. These contests include walking, jogging, jumping, swimming, rowing, wrestling, boxing, hammer/ disc throwing, light weight lifting and gymnastics. An athlete is trained to be perfectly fit to engage in such contest.    Moreover, football, hockey, cricket, tennis, badminton and table tennis are among the favourite organized games in schools. All such sports and games certainly benefit both mind and body. They create cheerfulness, discipline, fellowship, confidence and physical fitness
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