What Are The Roles Played By The Primary Sector In The Gdp?motivate Your Answer In The Form Of Jobs Offered,salaries And The Value Of Products To Developing Countries.


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First of all, it's important to define exactly what the primary sector of the economy is. Most countries around the world have some form of natural resources which add value to the trade that goes on within their boundaries. For example, let's take coffee production in the Ivory Coast as one of our leading examples. Here, there will be many jobs offered by farmers who are looking to increase the quantities of coffee beans they can produce with their land. They believe that employing more people will result in specialisation and a far more efficient production process, reducing the unit costs of production and resulting in more competitive pricing. Indeed, if there is a minimum price, many people may be incentivised to enter the market because of the potential amounts of money that can be earned by getting involved with the primary sector of the GDP.

Although there have been widespread reports of the exploitation of vulnerable people who are trying to make a living in developed countries, incentives such as Fairtrade have prevented this from happening on such a large scale. Now, coffee beans are of a considerable value to places such as the Ivory Coast, with Starbucks pledging that all of the lattes and cappuccinos that they make will only consist of Fairtrade beans. This means that less people are on the poverty line, and investment to improve the technology used when producing coffee can be invested in by farmers.

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What is the role played bt the primary sector in the GDP in developing countries relating to jobs offered, salaries and the value of products

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