What Is The Scope Of Anthropology In India?


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The scope of anthropology in India has expanded since around the 1920's, when anthropology became it's own field of study in Calcutta University, where the department of Anthropology was opened. This soon became the centre of anthropological study in the entire region and India in general.

Since then, Calcutta has also introduced the first anthropological society (The Anthropological Society of India).

Further to this, Calcutta has also undertaking anthropological research initiated by the Government of India since 1945. Since then, the scope of anthropology has expanded so vastly that additional research departments and departments within government for anthropology were formed.

This concentrated spurt of anthropology in Calcutta has since paved the way to the nationalisation of anthropology, meaning that the scope of such has been greatly widened in India. I hope this suffices to answer your question.

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