Who Is Called The Founder Of Anthropology?


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Sir Edward Burnett Tylor is often called the founder of anthropology. He was born on 2nd October of 1832 in London. Edward was also a teacher of Oxford University from 1884 to 1909; rather he was the first teacher in the subject in Oxford.

Sir Edward was highly influenced by Charles Darwin. His research was published in 1871, named Primitive Culture. The book developed the theory of an evolutionary primitive and modern culture. According to him we came to know that the cultural accomplishments could point out the evolution of all humanity from a 'savage' to a 'civilized' form. In the argument over the question that all human races were belonged to a single species, Sir Edward was an authoritative advocate of the unity of the all human kinds.

Sir Edward Tylor was the father figure in founding anthropology as an academic discipline. He was died on 2nd January of 1917 in Wellington in Somerset.
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John Borneman is the founder of anthropology it is quite rear somebody says sir edward or some said that darwin was the founder of anthropology which is quite confusing but in the end one has admit that they both did a lot sir edward take inspiration from darwin a lot he likes a lot his style of presentation in which he put light on the current situation of the people of the world.
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Franz boas is the founder of anthropology
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Herodotus was the first anthropologist

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