Can You Explain Globalization Within The Study Of Change Management


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Syed Rizwan Ali Shah Hamdani Profile

The management of international economic and political forces what is today known as internationalization and globalization is yet another important factor influencing decision making of organization. No organization or nation can stay independent and indifferent to what ever is happening at international (political) level. For instance the impact of September 11 events have been tremendous on the economies and organizations of developing countries like Pakistan. Similarly supra – national institutions are becoming more assertive over nation states not only in political terms but also on social issues like child labor and gender issues. So government and states are considered somewhat less sovereign in imposing their will over their subjects (individual and organizations) against the ever increasing and complex interdependencies amongst states. For example the compulsions and legal provisions of international treaties like WTO and ISO certification regimes have decisively influenced the organizations and economies of the developing world. Hence imperative for managers, CEOs and entrepreneurs from smaller or larger organizations alike, of different sectors of economy, is to understand the complexities of globalization and its impact on organization' business.

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