I Think Globalization Is A Kind Of Competition, Where The Fittest Will Survive. Will Ethiopia Benefit From Globalization?


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Globalization is the process of unifying different countries of world in one pattern. But it's true that it is sort of competition where the weaker one has to work so hard to attain the optimum level. There is globalization of different aspects as of technology, economics, tradition and much else but mostly we talk about the economic globalization. Countries like Ethiopia in the realm of globalization are made in more inferiority complexes and rather than getting better it can lead them to more adverse conditions.
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Yes globalization is a competition and survival of the fittest is the name of the game. However it will benefit very nation somehow. Ethiopia will be benefited from globalization although local markets will face enormous competition. 
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Globalization, both, is and is not a kind of competition where the fittest will survive- it's effects on nations is usually economic ~on the definition and the effects of economic globalisation I think you may find the following essay useful:-

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