What Are Some Of The Benefits Of A Global Market And Why?


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There are many benefits of having a global market and global marketing. Some of these benefits include reach, scope, interactivity, immediacy and demographics and targeting. Each of these aspects has their own impact towards helping achieve marketing on a worldwide scale and taking advantage of global operating differences, operations and similarities in order to reach global objectives.

• Reach. Due to the increasing use of the internet, businesses within the global market now have the ability to reach across the world. Traditionally the costs involved with this process would limit this reach to multinationals, eMarketing allows smaller companies to seek potential customers globally.
• Scope. Internet global marketing also allows marketers to scope customers all over the world and reach them in a wide range of ways, offering a wide range of goods and services. This scope will continue to grow with time as technologies become more and more advanced.
• Interactivity. The interactivity of the global market allows companies to contact their customers on a more personal level. Before branding was simply a marketing campaign but now companies can interact with consumers all over the world and feed off their responses.
• Immediacy. The global market allows for immediate impact. This means that within seconds of seeing an advert for an mp3 player in a magazine, a consumer can put the magazine down, log onto a computer and purchase the music player online. This global marketing has allowed businesses to become available 24/7.

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