What Are The Practical Benefits Of The Sociological Perspective?


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Benefits of the Sociological Perspective

Four general benefits of using the sociological perspective are reviewed. These include:

  1. It challenges familiar understandings about ourselves and others, so that we can critically assess the truth of commonly held assumptions.
  2. It allows us to recognize both opportunities we have and the constraints that circumscribe our lives.
  3. It empowers us as active members of our world through the grasp of our "sociological imagination", the capacity to comprehend the interplay between personal life and societal forces.
  4. It helps us to recognize human diversity and to begin to understand the challenges of living in a diverse world.
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While using a sociological perspective, a person sees a phenomenon with objectivity in a sociological way. This may involve the critical evaluation of certain things and still accepting what the reality even if it is not very pleasing.

This perspective helps us in thinking about several phenomenon critically with respect to sociology and as a result of that many questions may arise which enhances one’s knowledge.

Another advantage of this perspective is that by practicing this perspective, a person is able to observe the different ways in which people behave. This helps the observer in understanding a person’s behavior with respect to his surroundings and experiences in life. This helps in creating different relationships between behavior and other variables. After establishing these relationships, it is easier to study how they develop overtime and are influenced by other factors as the time passes.

For example, using this perspective, one can study the behavior patterns of poor and homeless people. Other than that the behavior of people with a sophisticated kind of upbringing can also be studied, and also the behavior of different people with different social classes and upbringing.

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The benefits of sociological perspectives are :  Seeing the general in the particular, seeing the strange in the familiar, seeing the personal choice social context, and seeing sociologically marginality and crisis-----

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