Explain The General Characters And Classification Of Class Mastigophora?


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There are the some characteristics present in class mastigophora:
1. Simple and primitive protozoa.
2. Body usually covered with a thin pellicle.
3. A membranous shell or test of cellulose, chitin or silica may be present.
4. One or more whip like flagella present for locomotion and food capture during principal phase.
5. With or without pseudopodia.
6. Ectoplasm and endoplasm usually not differentiated.
7. Usually one nucleus with a single endosome present. Mega nucleus absent.
8. Nutrition autotrophic by photo trophy, or heterotrophic by osmotrophy, or mixtotrophic.
9. Reproduction typically asexually by symmetrogenic longitudinal binary fission; sexual reproduction occurs in some cases.
10. No spore formation, no conjugation.
11. Free-living solitary or colonial; some parasitic but usually not intracellular.
Classification of mastigophora:
The class mastigophora includes primitive and minute Protozoa with much diversity in their form, structure and habits, which makes it rather difficult to classify them. There are about 2000 species and several orders, which are grouped into two sub classes:
I. Class Phytomastigophora
II. Class Zoomastigophora

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